Sidemount Diving

sidemount_02If there is indeed a kind of diving that could be called the most technically advanced, that title should most probably go to diving with the aid of a sidemount system. But what exactly does that mean? Why would any diver forego the comfort of carrying their diving cylinders on their backs? The answer, as usual, is quite simple: To be able to get more out of the experience.

Flexible and safer diving

sidemount_03In fact, you don’t even have to give up any practical benefits. While it might seem slightly more cumbersome at first glance, sidemount diving actually offers more comfort and flexibility than the more conventional method of carrying diving equipment. Your lower back can finally relax for a bit, you don’t have to get into water with your cylinders already weighing you down, and you can also enjoy a much better ability to maneuver them.

Sidemount diving system makes a significant difference to your safety as well. When you actually see all the important regulators and details of your equipment and you can quickly access them, your chance of preventing dangerous situations definitely increases. For longer and more challenging dives, a combination of both methods of carrying gas cylinders might be ideal.

Is sidemount only for the adventurous?

Most of us have probably seen the usage of sidemount diving systems while watching wildlife documentaries where professional explorers employ them to quickly and efficiently navigate the underwater realms. Does this mean that a recreational diver should better forget about trying sidemount diving?

sidemount_04The question actually concerns practicality more than the usual experience requirements. For standard recreational diving with a single cylinder and a buddy to help you reach the valve, a sidemount would be of very little use. However, cave divers or wreck divers often rely on these systems to increase their safety.

In any case, don’t forget that you’re only as safe as your diving gear allows you to be. Invest in quality equipment and make sure to adjust it properly every single time you go for a dive. You have to look no further than the Dare To Dive online store for reliable sidemount diving equipment that will make your underwater trip even smoother.