KIDDO collection




Are you diving with your junior who is too small for big backplate? Or is your wife complaining that all the equipment is far too big for her shallow dives in warm waters? Finally, we have a solution! Our new KIDDO collection covers it.


Small sized KIDDO backplate is 5 cm shorter then normal, though it has the same distance between holes for attaching any other wing you might like to use. The full set includes all necessary accessories as you know it from our other backplates. For more details please visit our



And vice versa, this small, 12 litre KIDDO wing can be attached to any backplate. It has different inflator end-piece called SHARK, which is more suitable for smaller hands, softer to press the buttons.Part of the wing are also 2 pieces of rubber pins in the middle area of wing which allow to attach the single bottle WITHOUT the need to use single tank adapter. For more details and description of the full set please visit our